Peoria Home and Business Odor Removal Services

If your Peoria property has recently flooded, you’re in dire need of water damage repair services, especially if you notice a foul smell lingering in your property. The smell is often musty and lays a heavy layer on your property’s air. These odors could be due to many reasons, and sewage waste is one of them. When there’s a burst pipe, the water from your property can no longer be taken to the municipal sewage waste. So, the sewage backs up and creates an unpleasant odor in your property. Similarly, floodwater brings in the dirt, debris, bacteria, and sewage contaminants that leave a foul smell behind even when the water is removed from the property. These odors are caused by harmful pathogenic bacteria, thus, making odor removal imperative. We offer odor removal as part of our water damage solutions for property and business owners in the greater Peoria, Arizona area.

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Our Peoria Odor Removal Process

Ever since we have started working in the restoration industry, we have realized the importance of making propertyowner’s and business owner’s satisfaction our priority. Thus, we only use high-quality and expert-tested tools for removing foul odors from your property after water damage. Airborne Particles: These particles are left behind by sewage contaminants. If they’re not eliminated adequately, they settle in the air, posing health hazards to a Peoria property’s occupants. We use commercial HEPA air scrubbers to remove these invisible particles from the air, making your environment clean and breathable. Furniture: If your couch or other furniture was submerged in water during flooding or overflow, it might also have an unpleasant smell. We use commercial air movers to remove these odors and dry the furniture quickly. Sadly, in some cases, it's wise to do away with the furniture piece for health concerns, but we do what we can to salvage most items. Carpets and Flooring: We use the appropriate odor removing equipment depending on your floor type. If you have carpeted floors, we’ll examine the degree of damage and may strip them entirely for replacement. Wet carpets and floors are susceptible to mold smell, so we use industrial dehumidifiers to prevent this from happening. Apart from using air movers, we also use commercial grade deodorizers to remove the unpleasant smells from your property. Since we have been doing this for years in Peoria, you can expect us to identify all kinds of odors and deal with them adequately. Give us a call for any water damage issue you are having in your Peoria, Arizona property.